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China Agri Opens its First Branded Store in Chengdu


13 August 2013 - China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited (“China Agri”) is proud to announce that it has opened its first branded store at the COFCO Chengdu Industrial Park in Chengdu, Sichuan. The new store will provide a platform for promoting the COFCO brands and its products in the local market.

China Agri decided to build a branded store at its Industrial Park in Chengdu to provide consumers with a one-stop shopping experience that simultaneously enables that integrated promotion of COFCO’s many products. The store sells a multitude of grains and oil products, including rice, noodles, small-packaged oil products. The Company’s “Fortune”, “Xiangxue” and “Fuzhiquan” products are some of the key featured brands on sale at the outlet. A diversified range of other non-grain products, such as “Great Wall” red wine, “Mengniu” dairy products, and other snacks, are also available in the store to further satisfy customer needs. In addition, China Agri plans to expand product sales by leveraging various marketing tools to distribute products to local group-purchase customers, restaurants and other retail outlets in the region.

A series of well received ceremonies and promotional activities were held between 8 August and 13 August to promote the newly opened store. The COFCO Chengdu Industrial Park is also planning a promotional program to introduce COFCO products to local communities. This program is expected to further enhance COFCO’s brand awareness and grow a solid base of loyal customers for the Company.