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China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited (China Agri, code: 606 HK) is a member of COFCO Group. The company was registered in Hongkong in Novermber 2006 and was officially listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 21, 2007.

To build a world-class integrated agri-industries enterprise spanning the entire value chain, become a major domestic processor of agricultural products and an industrial leader as well as a major supplier and service provider of diversified high-quality food, food raw materials, feed raw materials and biomass energy.

Members of our management team have rich experience in the industry. Board of Directors consists of 8 people. They are: Dong Wei as Chairman of the Board & Executive Director, Wang Qingrong as Managing Director & Executive Director, Yang Hong as Vice President & Executive Director, Jia Peng and Meng Qingguo as Non-executive Directors, Lam Wai Hon, Ambrose, Patrick Vincent Vizzone and Ong Teck Chye as Independent Non-executive Directors. Besides, the management team include Chang Muping and Hua Jian as Vice Presidents.

Since its listing in HK in 2007, the Company has gained rapid growth in business scales and performance, and established a leading position in many fields. “Company Chronicle” records many major historic moments experienced by our company.

Humans come from nature, and our survival and growth as a business are based on natural resources. We respect nature and are dedicated to helping our people and all of societies understand the power of nature. We respect nature, strive for harmony between humans and nature, and seek to create a better life from nature.