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As one of the largest producers of vegetable oil and oilseeds meals in China, we process mainly soybeans, palm oil, rapeseeds, peanuts and safflower oil crops. We are also engaged in the storage and logistics, trade, and distribution of the related products.

As one of China's largest rice processing and trading companies, we play an important role in the international and domestic market and are one of the biggest players in China’s rice trade. We have over 50 years of international rice trading experience, and have established a widespread sales network and solid image in the international market.

As one of the largest wheat processors in China, we are engaged in the production and marketing of general purpose flour and other flour-based food such as noodles, bread and other products. In the B2B market, we provide one-stop service for our customers with our wide range of customized products. In the B2C market, we provide consumers with a variety of popular, safe, nutritious and healthy products.

We are the leading supplier of brewing materials in China, specializing in the production and sale of malt. We import superior barley from Australia, Canada and France, produce high-quality malt using the world's most advanced technology, and provide high quality raw materials for the major brewers in China.