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Xu Tian, Brewing Material Division


Realize My Dream In the twinkling of an eye, I have worked in COFCO for about one and a half years, from the moment when I left my university as a longing student till I am a member of the COFCO big family. . COFCO, as a new-type state-o...

Wang Juan, Department of Wheat Processing


Experience with Courage Recently, a popular online post, an article of 17 thousand characters --To us who are still young next year: desire, environment, label, genius, time, life goals, reality, regret and experience has been viewed for ...

Xiao Liqiang, Financial Department of Biochemical Energy Division


From Today Onwards... From today onwards, be a happy man, join COFCO and become a member of Biochemical Energy Division; In July 2011, the short six-day- new staff training made us gain a lot. Colleagues from different divisions were toget...

Qian Yao, Oilseeds Processing Division


A Proud COFCO Member Each time when I walked in front of the supermarket shelves, I could not help stopping in COFCO food product stacking , chatting with sales promoters and comparing the price with competitive products. And if there wer...

Li Zhe, Biochemical Energy Division


Knowledge Has no Limit. Knowledge has no limit , this is my life motto presented by my university. When I graduated and stepped into the society, I felt lost just like many other university graduates. Our self-confidence and lofty ambitio...

Pei Fei, Financial Department


Christmas Enlightenment Waling out of the elevator in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised by the new look of the 17th floor, feeling like walking in a big shopping mall full of Christmas enjoyment. The most conspicuous position was de...